Hello everyone how are you doing, tonight I wanna talk to you about a fun little time killer I’ve been playing called flycorp I recently got this during the steam sale after seeing a few YouTube videos on it and I gotta say this game is fun and definitely brings you back for more so let’s dive in.

Unlock all countries

In this game mode which I consider it the story mode of some sorts your only goal is to unlock a new country to progress but it’s not that simple cause if it was I wouldn’t be writing about it. So you start off in Europe yes I’ve played multiple instances and it’s always Europe but anyways you start with 4 cities and a small amount of money you connect them all and let the game start working, now it’s not that simple you see each new route cost money upgrading both planes and airports cost money which you must do in order to keep the flow of people under control but the biggest part of this is the timer your fighting against at the top right corner you see if that hits 0 and you haven’t unlocked the specified country it’s game over basically and you either restart or reload, but that’s not all back to the money see you earn money for every completed flight and can use it for upgrades but that’s also how you unlock new countries but that’s not all to give a challenge to the game with each new unlock the money needed goes up which isn’t a problem later on as the timer extends but during the first few minutes its all about making each move count. The dev team really took there time with this mode and you can tell there’s a lot of action going on at once but it doesn’t become overwhelming until the map is covered a good amount the unlocks is only one worry as time goes on new cities pop up on areas you have unlocked then more management comes into place for better routes and trying to make things more efficient, all in all this is a very fun and enjoyable mode and I can’t wait to see what the devs have in store for it one thing I would love to see is maybe a random start location with each new playthrough so that it doesn’t get boring trying to conquer the same area until you get it right but that’s just my opinion.


This mode is like a chapter select mode with different maps and events taking place but you unlock them as you pass each given scene which doesn’t seem so bad but you are playing against a timer and with each start being slow it might be a bit of hard work at first but then it gets faster as you move on it offers 9 episodes across 3 difficulties but only the first of each is unlocked so this mode I feel is to give players some fun short missions and maybe a break from the main goal of the game which is unlock the world. I definitely hope more scenarios are added in the future to keep this section going if not it might die off quickly.

Free Play

Just how it sounds free play is what I consider the training grounds after the tutorial for you to just go in and play at your pace without any timers or any game overs it’s a fun spot just going at your own pace and seeing how good you can get before going on to challenge the other parts of the game and I’m glad it’s included cause this is definitely a more relaxed mode incase you just wanna blow steam and not stress over the micro management you must do.

Custom Scenarios

So this one it didn’t give me access to cause it’s still locked by the devs but I imagine it will be for players to make there own chapters and then upload them for others to complete which if it is will be awesome as the only game out that I know of that does something similar is Mario maker if you know of others let me know please. I’m sorry I don’t have more info on this section but only time will tell what the developer has in store for this section and I for one can’t wait to find out.

Final Thoughts

All in all this is a great game and a fun time killer and also not expensive coming in at 7.99 on steam your not breaking the bank by buying it I’ve had a great time playing it the few hours I’ve played and plan on playing more hours as the game adds more content and well I really wanna beat my score for unlock the world I hope you give this game a chance it’s not demanding so doesn’t need a high end pc to play but it’s definitely a fun indie game to try out thank you all for coming by have a great night and game on

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