Apex Legends Halloween Event and Duo’s

So Halloween has passed and like with many game’s apex did an amazing mode which I will admit I did not partake in since it was another solo’s mode and I’m not a fan of solo mode in battle royal game’s.

Respawn gave us back good old kings canyon for a limited time revamped for Halloween and all in a night time mode which I admit i would love to see the map added into rotation cause playing at night would be so epic. along with the map, there were spiders added to the map that hid inside the crates scattered around the arena. the twist they added to this solo mode was as soon as you died you came back as a zombie to finish hunting down all the remaining legends still alive you had 20 health points but an insane melee attack that could do over 150 points in damage I did see a few streams of this game mode and I for one miss the canyon and would love to see it back but who knows what respawn is doing.

as with every event they always add some insane skins pathfinder sadly did not get an epic skin but everyone else did caustic was a clown, wraith was a witch and crypto was Dracula the devotion lmg received, in my opinion, the best skin of them all looking as if draculas cape had taken over it lets hope these skins and many before them were dropped into the loot pool cause that’s one skin I would love to get.

so by the time you guys read this the new duos mode will be live maybe ill try that out and let you guys know how massively epic my fails shall be I look forward to bringing you more content and I’m sorry apex is mostly the game I play I’m switching between apex and destiny and dragging some odyssey into the mix so I can work on my backlog I hope you all have a great day and game on

1 Year Anniversary

Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this hobby of mine I love to write and I started this blog as a way to write and to do things for fun but man a whole year has passed I can’t believe it thank you to all my followers and the people who take time to read my post I know there sub par but I love to write, thank you all so much take care and game on

John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum

honestly in what I can only describe as an epic chapter to the wick saga holy fuck was i happy to finally be able to watch this movie even though some of my file was corrupted I managed to only miss out on maybe 3 minutes of the movie but man is this movie worth every minute of it and in my opinion his greatest work yet since the matrix trilogy.

so chapter 3 takes off right at the end of 2 with john running for his life with his best friend as every known hitman in new york city wants a piece of the price tag and its a very big price tag 14 million soon turns into 15 million and everyone tries there hardest to kill him but I mean come on he is John Wick the Baba Yaga the only one to do the impossible ill be honest I would be staying away far away from that bounty.

so as the movie progresses it takes us through many aspects of his pass and ill be honest it added more questions then answer’s then we have the name of the one’s who run this whole murder operation a man called the Elder who sit’s at the top like a God and below him what everyone call’s the high table again more answers needed which honestly we didn’t get in the movie but I can tell you this money doesn’t make this world go round Loyalty and your Word is currency in this world and for a man like john wick who is excommunicado man how the mighty fall but are still a force to be reckoned with.

there’s a few good fight scene’s leading up to the end of the movie the one with Halle Berry was a good one there were some brief moments that tried to delve into her past but all we really know is her daughter is safe thanks to wick and she owed him a favor, the fight scene that she was in I admit was lacking hardcore in realism as she fights her way through bad guy after bad guy at one spot you see her unload her gun to see how many rounds were left in the magazine putting the same mag back into it then proceeding to shoot off a good 20+ rounds without reloading that took away from the realism of the situation and I feel that scene could have been worked on a bit better considering all the bad guys were using pistols and from the looks of it MP5’s.

after that some extra scene’s and we see John Wick talking with the elder trying to earn his life back soon after we are back in new york for a sweet motorcycle fight scene under one of the bridges and then back to the continental for what lead’s to an epic fight and a ton of WTF moments with it leading to an old friend alive and pissed to high heavens so the way the movie ended it was obvious that they will be working on a 4th movie and I don’t mind it these movies are my favorite action movies and the fact that they flow together perfectly makes em even better so lets see what the next chapter brings to us i for one hope a lot more gunfights and less talking but thats just me thank you all for stopping by have a great day and game on.  

Need for Speed Payback

I admit it took me a long while to finish this game but man am I glad to have finished it so let me tell you about my journey across fortune valley as Tylor, Mac and Jess cause man it was one hell of a ride.

So need for speed payback released back on November 10th, 2017 by developers Ghost games it was there test to bring back the franchise closer to the roots and even though many hated the game I loved every minute of it. Payback follows Tylor Morgan on his road to redemption after being betrayed by a childhood friend miss Lina Navaro other than the bad attitude and terrible haircut she played a decent villain in the game.

So tylors hunting for redemption and trying to get back the friends he lost after lina double-crossed him but thats, where all the fun begins as Tylor, gathers his friends to compete for entry into the famous OutLaws Rush you see ghost brought back some of the grinding aspect that was introduced when the ps2 version of need for speed most wanted released in the game you compete across a series of different race types from Drag to Offroad and circuit racing and yes you get to control all 3 friends as the story unfolds across 5 chapters with each chapter getting better then the last until finally you knock out the last few groups of racers gain entry into the outlaws rush and have lina seeing red stars like the old school looney tunes cartoons. I won’t spoil the story though cause it truly is one hell of a fucking story that deserves to be played.

now I think the aspect of the game everyone hated the most and I don’t blame them as I was getting pissed with them was the speed cards used to make your vehicle stronger so you could progress in the story. now i admit there was times where these upgrade cards were a massive pain compared to helping but thats where the difficulty was added for a game thats strictly arcade racing and honestly it could have done with some work you see every car started with a base power level and the cards added more helping you to continue with the racing but the developers really fucked up on a few power levels with some vehicles considering I beat the game using a Nissan skyline R34 instead of the would-be picked exotic now I know ghost never went back and did anything about this but I wish they would have done there homework cause that really hurt the flow of the game as it made people grind to earn money so they could better upgrade their cars.

all in all even with the major upgrade flaw the game has a great story and the acting I felt was great for a game you actually felt yourself siding with Tylor as his determination to bring down lina and the house grew stronger with every race and speaking of the house there the main villain a massive hi-tech organization with more money then governments able to buy out the cops and others around making life for many miserable but then again we all need a villain to destroy and bring justice and peace to those around us, so please if you see payback on sale give it a chance its worth it for the story alone and I for one love a game with a great story have a great day everyone and game on.


Hey everyone hows it going? Hope all is well with everyone and you guys are having awesome times with your loved ones so this will be a small post with the holidays here and the expected craziness I will most likely tone down the post to spend more time with the family if I can get a few post scheduled ahead of time I will but I want everyone to have a great holiday and spend much time with there family take care everyone and game on

Gaming Backlog

Hey everyone so I have a massive back log of games and I honestly have no idea where to start.

I love having so many games but I play the same games over and over and it sucks I know on steam on sitting on over 150 games in my gog library I have 12 then I have all the free games epic store has been giving away.

So I’ve decided I’m gonna tackle this backlog some way and start clearing games out I will still work on the blog but I hope to have more games for everyone to enjoy reading as well as movies when I get the chance and sit and watch em

So wish me luck as I slowly move forward to destroy this backlog and experience more games thank you all have a great day and game on

Apex Legends: Season 3

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another apex post I promise you my counselor says I’m not obsessed since I’m barely at 600 hours I have to pass 1000 first.

So season 3 has dropped and with it tons of changes to the game in a variety of forms the biggest changes being a new map and a new legend.

The map we say good bye to good old kings canyon after 2 in a half wonderful seasons and events and planet hop to our new destination of worlds edge a planet covered in lava and ice and what seems to be a killer train system as well as a few abandoned hi tech cities made of skyscrapers.

As for our new legend say hello to Korean hacker extraordinaire Crypto no not the digital currency either lol. Our new badass legend is a tracker class legend making him the second behind bloodhound his abilities revolve around a special drone he carries with him at all times which offers the chance of marking players within a 30m field and his ultimate which is also delivered with his drone is a massive EMP field that does a few things from damaging players shield and health to also destroying traps from legends like caustic and wattson hes a good legend the only down side so far I’ve found when using him is the massive vulnerability of no defense or even some type of incoming alert when using your drone as your left completely helpless so make sure you hide first before using.

Some other changes are in the weapons department as both the wingman and longbow lose the legendary skull piercer mod for a slight boost in damage and alternator and the re-45 both lose disruptor rounds mod which I’m sorry if you cant go toe to toe against someone with the mod and survive maybe you need a bit of practice or better team mates cause a weapon is only as good as the player, flatline and the 301 both got an anvil mod which increases the damage of single fire over automatic fire why who knows

The season pass also is offering some badass loot in the form of skins charms and flight emotes

There was also a change in rank on the way people earn points as there in now a multiplier to help you earn more points when you get kills and assists and I for one love it having grinded to bronze 2 so far

All in all season 3 is shaping up to be badass and I cant wait to see what special events they do with 3 big holidays around the corner thank you all for stopping by take care and game on