Warning may contain spoilers

I just wanna say Gerald butler can definitely do drama well.

So I just finished watching Greenland and man that was the most stressful suspenseful movie I’ve watched in a while.

What do you do when out of no where a meteor is blasting through our solar system and the smart ones have no idea what’s in store well honestly you get scared. In Greenland that’s what’s happening a comet from another solar system in speeding through our system with a tail that’s as long as NASA can see but of course let’s not worry to much right… Wrong what happens when the government is hiding info from people and hand picks people by there professional careers and has them sent to shelters well you know your fucked. An extinction level piece falls off the comet bigger then the one that killed the dinos and people are running scared looking for a way to be safe. The movie follows Gerald butler and his family as there picked to survive but get turned away all because of there sons medical condition of being a diabetic like what the fuck are you serious right now soon it’s a race against time as they are split up kidnapped and all this other shit I tell you I was so invested in this movie from wanting to see it for so long that every move had me on edge and close to falling off my bed.

Yes the movie is good yes the movie has suspense and drama but fuck me it’s well worth a watch man because honestly I know if something like this ever happened I would do what ever I had to to make sure my family survived watch it enjoy it and honestly look at life a bit differently yes it may be a movie but honestly it could happen… Thank you all for stopping by enjoy and game on

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