Earth Defense Force 4.1: the shadow of new despair

So this is my first earth defense force game I’ve ever played even though it’s been out for a while and I gotta say this game from what I have played so far is a blast. This game I will most likely do another blog post or to as I progress farther into the game.

For anyone that hasn’t heard of the game or doesnt know about it, in earth defense force you play as humans trying to fight and survive against a massive invasion of truck sized bugs… yes you read that right bugs and man if you hate bugs like I hate most of them this game is both fun and creepy at the same time. Now considering this is my first game in this series I am not 100% sure if each game has it’s own story or if there all one big story cause from what I’ve played so far if feels like it’s one big story.

As for the game it’s not really a set rpg to say cause it’s more mission based you pick the first mission get introduced to the bad guys and then clear them and rinse and repeat in the next one, the thing I like is every few missions they introduce you to a new enemy a bigger threat and man did I say the best part I found is when they come apart after you blast them with your weapons.

Now each mission is set on a nice sized map with a random city or forest/mountain scape and you either fight all the bugs at once or in waves and the difficulty isnt bad really since at the start of each mission you get to choose between easy and inferno mode I haven’t taken it passed normal mode cause I wanna enjoy the game and follow as much of the story as I can.

Now I got my version on PC but I know it’s also on console ps4 and xbox so if your interested check it out.

Now my favorite thing about the game has to be the fact that it has local co op or as I call it couch co op and that to me is awesome even though I love an awesome multiplayer game to meet new people having local co op is just as good incase you have any friends over you can give them a remote and have them help you kick the bugs back to where they came from… maybe mars lol I also love the local co op since it has giving me the chance of playing a game with my 4 year old son and it has giving me so many memories that I love.

So far i haven’t come across any issues with the game that were game breaking just 1 or 2 random bugs that didnt arrive at the battlefield like others.

The loot in the game is awesome as the bugs drop health crates as well as armor and weapon crates which as you pick up stock pile until you clear the mission then it tells you everything you got and how much armor you increased.

All in all this is a very awesome game and I love every bit that I have played so far if you want a simple shot them up type game and dont mind massive bug armies then check out Earth Defense Force you might enjoy it thank you all and have a great day


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