I dont normally go hunting for free to play games but recently my cousin brought a free to play game to my attention that reminded me of my days playing call of dutys black ops 2 and this game is called ironsights.

I for one had no idea of its existence until he told me about it, so I decided to look for the game and give it a chance. The game comes from Aeria Games and is honestly I say a huge homage to call of duty and uses call of duty as a major inspiration the maps are a decent size as you move around them looking for the enemy the game also incorporates it’s own form of kill streaks and perks to help you fight and has a nice list of guns to buy from as you save up money.

Having played the game for a few days I already love it and admit it’s the first game I feel comfortable using a mouse and keyboard with the pace of the game is just right as well as the normal frustrations that come with this type of game.

Now before I get to the frustrating things I will say this the game seems to be really well made spec wise considering my cousin runs the game on a 2 in 1 laptop.

Now the frustrating things I’ve seen in the game that I feel could use some works the first is the headshot mechanics there is no reason I need to put 5 or 6 rounds into a dudes head for him to die I hope they tune this and try and make it more realistic I also feel the spawns need some rework there have been times where I’ll spawn right next to an enemy or in the same exact spot as the enemy just killed me in especially if there using a kill streak and they just use it in the same spot wracking up the kills it really sucks. I dont have many other complaints that I can think of.

As your scroll through the menu you can tell that micro transactions are a thing in this game as many of the chest in the item shop need real money to buy but thankfully you can grind for the in game currency and buy things that way and so far I haven’t noticed any pay to win tactics since everything is mostly on the cosmetics side of things.

All in all IronSights is a great game and really brings back that cod feeling and the fact that the game is free to play makes it even better so please check it out when you get the chance you might enjoy it thank you all and have a great day.

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